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Increase The Life Of Your Pavers With Routine Care. Our Services offer Paver Stripping, Resealing and Polymeric/Silica Sand Installation.


If you have pavers, tile or stone installed on your property, keep them looking great by having Polymeric/Silica sand applied between them. Polymeric/Silica sand provides many advantages. It holds pavers, tiles or stones closer together with much greater strength than conventional grout.

This type of paving joint fill is very durable. It won’t flake and expose the edges which keeps them from cracking or crumbling. Since they fill in all the empty spaces and hold everything tighter together, they also prevent weed growth and insects.

Paver Sealer Stripping with Soft Wash Cleaning Gives You A Ready To Coat Surface. 

For those surfaces that need a little stronger stripping qualities, consider sealer stripping products to eliminate pre-existing coatings and prepare your pavers for a correct application.

Sealer stripping products and soft wash technology cleaning removes coatings, contaminants (mold, algae and gunk), corrosion and residue from almost any hard surface.

This allows thinner or more fragile surfaces to be worked on without damaging or warping them.

We apply environmental friendly natural citric products that carefully remove pre-existing coatings to avoid damaging the surrounding landscape.

Also, if there are issues of Rust Stains, Calcium build up, Calcium Carbonate, Hard Water Stains, Efflorescences, or unknown stains, we have a wide range of biodegradable liquids that can do the job


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